“The reason we fight is not to defeat but to heal” – Buckman Coe in “Gathering Storm”

In divisive times, we cannot sit still, and we know it in our bones. When powerful voices tell us to keep the noise level down, Buckman Coe raises it with his stylings of soulful R&B and rootsy world rhythms. Buckman Coe’s latest release Gathering Storm is about taking a stand for what you believe in and for who you love. It dances between the revolutionary and romantic. The two are inseparable–once we realize that it’s not about being radical–it’s about humankind and human kindness. Not unlike his soulful influences who deliver messages of social justice, humanity and love, Buckman Coe does not shy away from facing the issues of the day. To do so would insult the compassion and intelligence of his listeners. Supported by the warmth of soulful harmonies from Tonye Aganaba, Erica Dee, Lynx, Meiwa, and Caleb Hart, lush horns, moog, organ, and synths, Coe masterfully re-sculpts the conversations away from the binary of a political left or right and towards the universal goal of seeking romantic and spiritual well-being for everyone. With a big band sound and uplifting lyrics, Buckman Coe invites us all to grow in harmony.

Buckman Coe is a seasoned performer, touring and performing at festivals in Canada, United States, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Gathering Storm, Buckman Coe’s aptly-titled 7th release, comes as the follow up to Buckman Coe’s Altar (2018), a folk-driven album. While Altar is reminiscent of earlier Buckman Coe rootsy folk songs, Gathering Storm pools together a wider array of genres in Coe’s signature style. It is at times edgy and psychedelic, with guitar-driven sections and explorations into blues-tinged Americana, world, contemporary and throwback soul.

Album opener “Gibberish Dub” is a rousing psychedelic journey through dub, rock, and afrobeat and features long-time friend Caleb Hart. It’s also a purposefully epic journey. Morse code is woven into guitar riffs amidst an almost whispered call out for resistance to a rigged-system. Coe follows this up with romantic track “Price You Pay”. Like “Deep In Your Love” and “Soundsystem”, these romantic songs relish in a myriad of romantic experiences, from all-consuming relationships to an encounter that is magical in its fleeting nature, yet no less legitimate as such.

Growing up listening to the inspirational uplifting soul sounds of Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, and Marvin Gaye has influenced Coe’s writing in recent years, evidenced by “Be Free”, a throwback soul tune paying homage to the greats. This sound wouldn’t be complete without a 70’s inspired string section, handled masterfully by Meghan Engel.

The album’s title track is notably Coe’s most authentically rootsy exploration to date. This tune was inspired by Coe’s 2016 trip to Standing Rock as well as growing relationships with Indigenous leaders, artists, and activists in British Columbia. “I wanted to create a song that could be an anthem for communities coming together to create a more just and people-powered world. I have been building relationships with many Indigenous leaders working for the resurgence of their culture and in defense of their land and water, and for climate justice. This song is dedicated to the cooperation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and to my Secwepemc brothers and sisters who comprise the Tiny House Warriors.” With Buckman Coe, getting up from sitting on our hands comes with a soul shakedown and booty-shaking feel-goodness.

“Thank You” offers a sensual interlude with a cheeky love song–tongue in cheek, but also completely serious. While it effortlessly straddles jazz and R&B, Coe is joined by the silky-voiced Meiwa and sings about calling in sick to work, staying at home to make love and make meals all day.

The album closer “11th Hour” leaves fans with Coe’s ever-optimistic outlook. “We are faced with so much trouble in our human history, when there is so much potential for joy, unity, and peaceful living. We have inherited this world and hopefully can work to handing over a better world to our children. This song suggests a social and a spiritual journey towards betterment.” Coe never fails to see humankind’s beauty wherever he goes.

Gathering Storm is in equal measure a solace from the storm as it is a storm of Universal Love itself. Buckman Coe reaches out to invite us to wake up and feel the rise of the Sun illuminate us all without discrimination. He is in love with love and is saturated with a shameless optimism for humanity. We’d be hard-pressed to think that you won’t be too after soaking up Gathering Storm. Gathering Storm releases on February 22, 2019 on Tonic Records.




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‘Gathering Storm’ OUT NOW (FEBRUARY 22, 2019)