This past weekend was gorgeous. Straight up beautiful & soulgasmic. I was in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island for an evening of film, music and art at the Clayoquot Theatre. The film REACTOR by Ian Mackenzie premiered and my song Stars Over Tokyo is in it. Rika Heywood also had showing of his Oceanscape driftwood framed art. I surfed and felt my atoms recharged with awesome. There’s also an exciting prospect to get involved with a music initiative with native youth in the area, too. Very stoked about that!

The next stop was Salt Spring Island for a fundraising house concert for Syd Woodward’s organic farm documentary initiative Over Grow the System. He is also an incredible film maker, and he is doing great work supporting the movement towards sustainable local back-to-the land agriculture. We drank the best micro-brew beer ever at Salt Spring Island Ales and incredibly delectable goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese. Came back yesterday so refreshed and energized for life.