Plot Thick it Grows

I finished recording lead vox for this old song of mine. It is like a postcard from my life 5 years ago and I am psyched to finally be giving this song the royal treatment at the studio. We’re capturing some rich and sweet sounds here. The song is about the way our stories become heavy with all of our experiences like an overgrown vacant lot. We all become attached to all that has taken root in our lives and clearing our minds and our souls so we can cultivate a garden means getting your hands in the dirt!

I talk to strange guy all day long, It’s a steady stream of dangling melodies It’s all that I can do to keep from laughing, Making sense of nothing is entertaining for some time

He says he’s got a roll of film in his heart, But doesn’t know how to get that film developed, It’s melting in a darkroom Saving moments for another day, Is one way to prolong the pain

Oh, just don’t know Plot Thick it Grows It’s the same old show…

Tried talking to the photographs in my past, And telling them the things I think they needed to know way back when, Holding hands and saying…

Oh, just don’t know Plot thick it grows It’s the same old show I don’t know, it’s the same old show Plot Thick it Grows