'Kingdom Come' from Crow's Nest e.p.

This song from my latest e.p. is a worldy dub rock song with a spiritual message that seems to have come from my Taoist leanings - in particular the innate suspicion and distrust the sages would have for the corruption of governments and mainstream culture. These sages would usually turn their backs on society and go live quietly in the mountains. While I am definitely more in the act of enjoying modern life, I do still crave the solace of nature and strive towards an uplifting of human consciousness and potential.

That all said, it seems as though the words of this song may suggest something more like esoteric Christianity with the use of Kingdom, Heaven or the Lord. My spiritual background is Taoist, Buddhist and Christian so there is cross-over in influences. On my father’s side we had several generations of secular Taoist priests in Taiwan before my great-great-grandfather converted to Christianity. My mother’s side was traditionally Buddhist from Malaysia and also converted to Christianity through the influence of the British in their colonies. I believe in kindness, connection to nature, and an end to all forms of tyranny.

photography by Alex Periala (Habana Productions)