John Lennon’s birthday is this Saturday, he’d be 70 years old. I grew up listening to the Beatles so many of the songs that have influenced me were his. One of my favorites his post-Beatles is “Watching the Wheels” from Double Fantasy (1980). I never really knew the actual story behind the song just the feeling of stepping back from the craziness and being content, perhaps for the first time! The song is about his time away from the music business, five years or so when he was a househusband living with Yoko and looking after his son Sean. I admire how candid John became in his songs in his solo career, his music was a true expression of what he went through and what he believed in. Sometimes this made it a bit raw and not easy to listen to - like primal screaming for instance - but the honesty of his music makes it prevail. Happy birthday John! Thanks for inspiring us!