The primary purpose of the Grounded TV Network is to write, film and edit cultural and socially relevant content for the purpose of distributing it via a web-based television network. These web-based television shows shed light on people and events that bring a positive change to our world through their music, art and social activism. Our mantra is simple: to create a positive change and support those doing the same.  Our shows include:

The Word




The network was started and continues to be run by a group of artists and musicians in their early twenties. This young group includes artists from various genres of media, be it film, visual FX, graphic design, or generals arts, as well as rappers, DJs and musicians. This team runs Grounded TV with virtually no budget and dedicates their time to this movement while simultaneously working towards their careers and plugging away at their day jobs. Everything that is done at Grounded TV is done with love and for the purpose of further expanding the project.