Buckman and upright bass player Michael Rush at an intimate concert after the band enjoyed a full weekend at Salmon Arm Roots & Blues. The day was a sunny one and Michael, Sophia and I had spent the day in the hot sun by a gorgeous lake, sampling wine, looking for peaches, eating too much ice cream and poaching luke warm hot tubs at nearby resorts as the rains came. I had to lay down before the show in the back of the car to rest up from such an exhausting day!

The song was inspired by a Martin Luther King Jr. march in Denver, CO. The song I suppose concludes with the realization that we can take inspiration from the great peacemakers of the world but in the end it is up to us to be peacemakers and change makers in the world, and realize the greatness is within us, too. We cannot wait for others to do the work!

If you like the song it’s on the album By the Mountain’s Feet and you can find it here: