The battle for the Peace River Valley is heating up. On September 5th, the Treaty 8 First Nations Caravan will be heading to Montreal for a court date on September 12th addressing the infringement of FN rights by the proposed Site-C Dam. Donate online at to help them travel the 4,432km and make sure the voices of the Peace River Valley are heard.

"The cross-country caravan will stop in communities along the way, sharing stories, connecting struggles, and building support for the just resolution of the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations’ case against the Site-C dam. These two communities have been fighting this project for nearly five decades."

I travelled to the Peace River for the Paddle for the Peace in early-July and saw the beauty of this place first-hand. As well as the destruction that would happen to this remarkable ecosysytem that is steeped in FN history and is also the home of incredibly fertile farmland. Behind me in this shot is the illegally created construction site for the dam. BC Hydro is using intimidation to stop people from blockading and bringing to light their activities by getting injunctions and using SLAPP lawsuits.

But the resistance is growing and that's why it is important to be a true ally to our FN brothers and sisters protecting this land and river. This $9bn project is not about efficient energy production, it will only lead to irreversible damage to this ecosystem as well as break promises that Justin Trudeau made to First Nation communities. Amnesty International has said so itself. This past Sunday, the Poets for the Peace event raised almost $2k, big ups to Valeen,Jb the FirstLadyYvonne, and all other organizers and performers.

Please contribute what you can to the LeadNow TREATY 8 JUSTICE FOR THE PEACE TOUR