'World Waking Up' (Live at Vetiver Farms Hawaii)

In February, at the end of our Big Island tour, we shot a video with Dominik Walczuk (a.k.a. Grototote)  at Jason Fox's beautiful Vetiver Farm.

This song is about waking up to one's personal place in a world that is waking up to greater compassion for each other and stewardship of the earth. It felt fitting to film it at this wonderful spot just outside of Hilo.

During our tour we stayed there several times and got to see first hand the process of growing this soil-remediation and stabilizing grass, and turning it into useful products and incredibly fragrant oils. (http://vetiverfarmshawaii.com/)

This song is on 'Malama Ka 'Aina' and is available on buckmancoe.bandcamp.com and iTunes.com/buckmancoe as well as Spotify and other streaming services. 

Our world wakes up as we all become more aware of our interconnection and responsibility to each other as well as to our own paths and to the Earth as a whole.

Big Island Band :

Mary Ancheta - keys

Noa Eads - drums

Joshua Timmons - trumpet

Payton Meyer - saxaphone

Pat Eskildsen - bass

Bub Pratt - guitar